License Rights


Please use this page as a quick reference of the license rights that are included with each database.

Keep in mind, a single purchase is good for unlimited use. If you are creating an application or resource, you will only need 1 license of the database for unlimited use.


You May:

- Use the files for personal data or or business use.

- Use the data as an application or public resource as long as the data is not available to download as an entire database or as a whole.

- Use this data on websites / blogs or other publications. ( It must not be offered as a whole or be allowed to download but used only as a public resource.


You May NOT:

- Sell, Rent or Lease any of the data offered on this website. We spend hundreds of hours researching, compiling and verifying this data on every update.

- Give the files / databases away for free or market them as a free database.

- You are not allowed to offer the databases for download as a whole or in split pieces for download.


Violations will cause:

- Litigation

- Penalties

- Fines


If for any reason you have a question about our license rights, please contact us so we can help you. Contacting us prior to use will shield you from any of the above violations. We offer the best license rights of any demographics database company.